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Cassandra’s Story

4 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Story”

  1. Tina Evert says:

    Hi Cassandra! Unfortunately, you are one of the many women who suffer from the side effects of the eHELL coils. Partial or full hysterectomy is recommended to remove the eHELL coils. Read other stories, there are some doctors who are willing to help.

  2. Janie says:

    I have had so many issues lately that I think are caused by the Essure coils. I really feel like a hypochondriac, seriously. When I tell my doctor, she totally dismisses. I have always been very self aware when it comes to my body and I know something is off. Something is way off, Ive never been this unhealthy in my life. Bad procedure to have.

  3. Jen Garcia says:

    I have all same symptoms you described and no answers for years and many ER visits one after another no answers. How do i know if this is the issue?

  4. Summer Dunn says:

    I had Essure done July of 2010. My periods starting getting closer together and heavier. I am now having clots the size of a golf ball. Terrible! I went to the doctor last week and she said my uterus is swollen and my cervix is really low. Sex is painful and I look like I’m 4 months pregnant. Another issue I have is I can’t pass gas a lot of times and it is very painful. Does anyone else have these issues?

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