Heather’s Story

I received Essure in 2012, after my Doctor suggested that it would be the best solution for me in the way of permanent birth control.  I of course had hang-ups about leaving a foreign object in my body forever but, after a very lengthy conversation, my “trusted” doctor assured me that it was completely safe.  I have just recently learned that all of the issues I have been having for the past 5 1/2 years, leads directly back to Essure.  None of my issues started until after the Essure was implanted.  I have been to multiple doctors and had multiple tests, with no diagnosis to explain my symptoms; with the exception of a few doctors suggesting that “getting older” is the reason for many of them (I’m now 37 years old).  My symptoms include: migraines, brain fog, bloating, weight fluctuation, painful intercourse, bleeding during and after intercourse, heavy menstrual flow, very painful mestrual cramping, hair loss, fatigue, and depression.  If I would’ve been advised, before, what I could’ve been facing down the road… I would’ve never chosen Essure.  I feel betrayed.

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