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Marzena’s Story

One thought on “Marzena’s Story”

  1. Linda says:

    Hey Marzena,

    I was reading your story about your VERY unfortunate experience with Essure. I feel like I am looking into a mirror!!! I too had the Essure put in November 2013, I have been a complete mess ever since. 7 Doctors later within 6 months, still no Diagnosis. I too, almost had a major foot surgery, in which, one of my Dr. advised me to not do!! Which, I have not done the surgery. Due to all the inflammation im having in my joints throughout my whole body!! Yes, its always something since ive had this Essure procedure. I am also very physically active, I also USED to hit the gym 2x/day, prepping and doing figure competitions, NOW I am lucky to floss my teeth 2x/week!! The end result may be a total hysterectomy, which I had not planned on doing ever!! In this case, it seems like I have no other choice, but to get rid of the Medical Essure device, and pray to have a normal lifestyle again. My thoughts and prayers are with you!! I truly know what you are going through…Hang in there!! We will be recognized!! I’m really hoping Erin can help us all out who have been suffering!!


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