I had the Essure procedure done in March 2015.  

At first I thought things were going well. Then I developed a small sore on the back of my scalp. This was April 2016. The sore progressed and became larger. It would crust over, itch, bleed when I scratched then crust over again, but would never heal. I saw 2 Dermatologists about it and neither knew what it was but treated me for Dermatitis. 

In the mean time, I started having very heavy cycles. Sometimes I would have more than one cycle in a month. 

In December 2016 while on a cruise I developed a large painful knot on my scalp right above the sore. The hair fell out in this area and my scalp was so swollen and stretched that the skin broke open. I could not lay on the back of head the whole time we were on the cruise. I then developed a swollen lymph node in my neck on the same side as the knot. 

Upon returning from our cruise, my PCP gave me some anti-biotics and eventually the knot healed. 

But, I developed about 10 more crusty sores on my scalp. 

In January 2017 I had to have an Endometrial Ablation done for the heavy and irregular cycles. 

As of today, I still have around 12 crusty sores on my scalp. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on shampoos, oils, and home remedies. I’m too embarrassed to go get my hair cut and colored anymore. 

The Dermatologist now says it is Psoriasis, but that is genetic and usually you have it your entire life. I’ve never had it and neither has anyone in my immediate family. So, last week I got steroids injected into my scalp and yet another topical steroid to put on my scalp 4 times a day!! Yes, 4! 

So, when do you wash your hair? When can you style it? Never apparently since I always have this greasy oily steroid in my hair. 

My cycles have stopped, but whatever this is on my scalp has caused major depression. I’m so tired of worrying about it. 

I’ve read online that a Nickel allergy can cause skin disorders and Eczema.   But, no one has mentioned it to me. 

I have migraines that I never had before along with very little appetite and hardly ever sleep. 

I wish I had never had the Essure procedure. I wish I had known more about the risks. 


Stacie T.  


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