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Robin’s Story

3 thoughts on “Robin’s Story”

  1. Tracy Walsh says:

    I feel for you Robin! I too suffer from Essure complications.

  2. I had terrible problems associated with this device inside my body! One coil actually protruded out and wedged down between my colon and uterus causing a small hole in my colon and having to have my tube removed. I lost at least 8 weeks of work and had and still have terrible pain on my left side but they say it’s scar tissue pain.

  3. Robin says:

    Thank you both for commenting … It seems like every day new side effects emerge because of Essure.. It was a few years before I know it was to blame for many of my problems. E-Belly is the latest thing I have heard personally.. I hate that we all have to suffer with this.. And hope something can be done for all of us .

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